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In the land where life comes wrapped in multitude of hues and vibrant colors burst through desert haze, Alsisar Mahal takes you through the enchanting world of Rajasthan’s regalia, rustic dunes and unconventional Festivals!

Experience a Pastoral Calmness & Nomadic Hues of Mighty Alsisar.

Our Story

Within the historic and artistically rich land of Shekhawati's Alsisar village raises a magnificent and breathtaking palace – “Alsisar Mahal”. The 17th century battle-hardened Alsisar Mahal stands tall with its fabulous grandeur and exudes a glorious history that we are proud of. Even today the thrilling tales of valor intrigue and the sacrifices echo in the old walls of the fort.

 An unparalleled gateway to Rajasthan’s Royal Lifestyle Holidays, Alsisar Mahal bears jaw-dropping frescoes, grand courtyards, magnificent dining arcades, and flattering heritage rooms and suites; each speaking with full-throated ease about the richness of royal Rajasthani hospitality. Retaining its old charm and beauty, the palace depicts various scenes of the grandeur and valor of the bygone days, the rich history of the Shekhawat clan still continued by the members of the family ALSISAR.


"All superlatives; excellent, superb, beautiful, luxurious, relaxing, etc. apply to this architectural gem. How could you not feel like pampered guests in this hotel where each room is a palace. We enjoyed our recent visit to Alsisar Mahal and introduction to Haveli life."


TripAdvisor traveler Patrick O

Tonbridge, United Kingdom

Magnificent & Breathtaking Palace of Alsisar.

Heritage Rooms & Suites

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