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Experience the illustrious & Royal Palace of Alsisar

Alsisar Mahal a battle-hardened fort was the residence of the Thakur of Alsisar. This 17th-century fort is an epitome of grandeur and rich heritage. The thrilling tales of valour, intrigue and sacrifice still echo in the old walls of Alsisar Mahal.

Alsisar Mahal is like royalty revisited, meticulous care has been taken while refurbishing this Heritage fort so it remains true to its original splendour. Alsisar Mahal has been redesigned with modern-day facilities offering guests a distinct experience in princely living. The highlight of this enchanting Palace is its Frescos replete with gold leaf work, done tastefully on the walls and the ceilings, depicting various scenes of the grandeur and valour of the bygone days. Expansive verandas, sprawling common areas, grand chandeliers, old family portraits, the myriad of textures and colours add nobility to the entire palace and bring back to life the grandeur of the old days. 

Regal Dining

If you love to dine in the comfort of closed areas, the supreme ambiences, embellished with intricate gold work and time-honoured paintings of the medieval heroes, of the indoor dining add warmth to your entire dining experience in the palace. An experience beyond dining, this dining hall at Alsisar Mahal makes it a memorable palace experience and regal indulgence.

Badal Mahal

Imagine yourself lounging here on the topmost floor of Alsisar Mahal and enjoying the interior  magnificence along with commanding view outside. Alsisar Mahal exudes regalia of Royal Rajasthani lifestyle, the most fascinating and breathtaking being Badal Mahal- which means “Palace in the Clouds” The arresting Badal Mahal encloses magnificent halls with jack-arched alley and multi-hued windows. The walls and domed ceiling of the palace are festooned with exquisite paintings. These paintings are beautifully blended with soft furnishing and vibrant lanterns; all inspired by the refreshing monsoon clouds.

World War II Lounge

This section of the palace is magnificent and impressive for all the treasures it holds. Festooned with a half cut US Army jeep from the time of yore and many memoirs of the time, this lounge is as fascinating as its legends! You may sit here, discuss the history and admire the eccentric interior of the unique World War 2 Lounge in Alsisar Mahal.

Roof Top

An appealing extension of the Badal Mahal restaurant in Alsisar Mahal brings you to the Roof-Top dining – a drink and dine setup, which serves the finest concoction of rich spirits and flavorsome cuisines. The serene ambiance and appeasing décor of the Roof Top dining completes a perfect ambiance with the delightful view under clear sky during day time and the starry night otherwise.

Dungeon Night

Although Alsisar Mahal is a heritage Hotel but the groovy wild hearts have Dungeon Bar and Lounge to chill out in an aura unconventional!
It is a well stocked bar, which once was a jail to keep the prisoners of the Palace. The theme of Dungeon reflects an ambiance of Jail itself-with handcuffs hanging from the roof and the prisoners’ cell like lounges within. Savor the premium wines and whiskeys with  toothsome finger pops and indulge in celebrations of life at the Dungeon!

British Bar

With a fascinating wealth of outstanding venues that go beyond the basics, Alsisar Mahal offers its guests yet another imperial ambience for a leisurely hour. Our British Bar is an epitome of classic sophistication and grandeur. With leather sofas perfect for relaxing and sipping sparkling spritzes in crisp glasses and striking royal paintings with avant-garde creations worth admiring, British Bar is an ideal place to sit back and ease off.   

Coffee Shop / Bar

Serenely indoors, playfully outdoors, the open-air coffee bar in the courtyard of Alsisar Mahal is an idyllic place to relish gorgeous weather. Whether it’s midsummer or transitioning into spring, the resplendent coffee bar makes a weekend brunch or quick cocktail that much more enjoyable. The gorgeously spread planters let in the warm weather while still protecting the patrons from harsh direct sun. There is no better way to enjoy a cup of coffee with delectable bites or a drink than with a little fresh air at Alsisar Mahal's coffee bar. 

Special set up with cooking demo

A gentle breeze filtered from the encompasses of the magnificent manor, lush gardens and tantalizing aromas of fresh grills and what more? The restaurant of Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati offers a romantic glimpse into the glory times with great opulence. We arrange for special dining set up in the  gardens with all delightful ambiences like regal sitting, fine cutlery, music for the soul and succulent food with live barbeque to accompany. The menu includes dishes from Rajasthani cuisine and carefully selected delights from the food culture of the world over. Relish a romantic, undisturbed and indulgent dining experience in the gardens of Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati.

Alfresco Dining

The Alfresco dining at the inner courtyard, once served as ‘Darbaar’ for cultural evenings hosted by the Royals, represents the stately and rich heritage of Rajasthan’s lifestyle. Encompassed by the exquisitely carved palace’s gazebos, the rich dining and party area offers a delightful experience of hosting your close parties under the clear sky and a stirring view of the frescoed dining hall inside.

Swimming Pool

Plunge into the serenity with a dip into our splendid swimming pool. Alsisar Mahal’s pool is one of the most picturesque settings in the palace. With arched gazebos, regal patio and lush greenery, the poolside offers an amazing contrast between modern lifestyle and imperial aura.  A drink near the deck or a cool dip into the water, either of the experiences will leave you with refreshing memories of the pool at Alsisar Mahal, Shekhawati. 

Conference Hall

An epitome of heritage grandeur and royalty, the Conference Hall at ALsisar Mahal offers a stylish and upscale venue that caters to your business needs. Hold a business gathering, launch a product or conduct review meetings; our conference hall is flexible enough to be customized for meetings and galas as per your requirement and convenience. Other services like Reception Desk, Meeting Room, Internet, Telephone and Xerox ensure no inconvenience.

The plush Alsisar Mahal echoes the regalia of Rajasthan, ensuring your business gatherings to be the ones to remember.


From the most playful to the incredibly sophisticated, Alsisar Mahal abides an array of different ambiences that will leave you with memories of an unforgettable time in the palace. Submerge into the tranquility of leisurely indulgence. Treat yourself with a single malt from a select range of spirits while enjoying the game of pool or admire the artifacts and weapons treasured in the wooden showcase from the wartime in the 17th century.

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