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Destination Alsisar

In the multihued land of Rajasthan a spectacular world of fascinating hand-painted Havelis (mansions), the entire town painted with legendary stories, Shekhawati embraces the semi-arid village of Alsisar within itself. Situated 23 Km’s from Shekhawati’s district headquarter - ‘Jhunjhunu’, Alsisar is an exceptional hamlet of rustic life with an array of colors it garners deep inside the heart of its desert.


A pastoral calmness hangs in the air of Alsisar as soon you enter the boundaries of this village of ancient and medieval havelis. The nomadic hue of the lifestyle, frequent peacock calls, and some half forgotten mansions set against the backdrop of azure sky and mundane desert, speak forAlsisar, which has soaked its beauty in the rustic spell of its lifestyle. A slice of shekhawati’s painted town would float in front of your eyes when you’ll gaze through the charming havelis, step-wells, and low rise cenotaphs- some decorated while some in their ruins strewn around the mighty Alsisar Mahal. A visit to the town will leave you in awe for the remarkable architecture and paintings of Alsisar.



Heritage Walk

"Discover the marvelous heritage of Alsisar, it’s right there waiting to be explored and shared" The heritage walk in Alsisar village offers to explore historical sites, temples, cenotaphs, and Havelis. It also helps you steal some time for collecting local artifacts and souvenirs from street markets. 

Fresco Trail Tours

"Here art is everywhere, admire the beauty etched and painted at each turn" The remarkable, life-size and legendary frescoes of Shekhawati offer to see the picturesque storybook in the form of painted walls of Alsisar. Old Havelis and cozy lanes are the focus of a trail that leads visitors through success stories of the Alsisar’s merchants who went abroad to make money to the huge buildings adorned with impressive paintings.


The great Indian Countryside has its unique appeal to travelers. Alsisar Mahal is surrounded by marvelous semi-arid desert alongside typical Rajasthani flora. A one-day safari on our signature Jeep offers to see the vastness of Desert in Alsisar. The safari also surprises our guests with an indulgent high tea experience in the middle of the desert.  A serene view of the sunset from the desert while sipping wine with great in-house bakes and fruits delivers a romantic feeling to treasure.


Soak up the setting sun’s rays over a glass of your favorite drink. At Alsisar Mahal, we organize a sundowners table for you on the terrace of Badal Mahal- the highest floor of the palace. Or you can grab your hats and hit for our jeep safari, which also offers a fascinating set up for a sundowner around the dunes of the semi-arid desert. Watch as the crimson light cascades over the beautiful expanses and drifts you into the glory of the night.

Cooking Demo  

Rajasthani culinary is all about rich flavors, interesting marinating and the gentle art of cooking. At Alsisar Mahal, we create more engaging experiences for our guests as they join our resident chef, who demonstrates some of the most delectable dishes of Rajasthan. Observe the live demonstration, ask for cooking tips and join in the fun to savor the delights at the end of it all.