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Heritage & Restoration

The family history can first be traced back to the year 1757, when the 1st generation of Alsisar Thakur Samrath Singhji (great-grandson of Raja Shardul Singh of Jhunjunu) captured the fort. The Alsisar group of hotels is currently run by the 8th generation of Alsisar descendants.

The Alsisar Mahal was bombarded by the Shekhawati Brigade led by Colonel Forrester of the British Army, in their bid to restrain the mighty Shekhawats who are known to be fearless warriors. One Fourth of Alsisar Mahal was destroyed in this bombardment. It was rebuilt in 1954. Renovations and restoration began in the year 2000 and were completed in 2006, when Alsisar Mahal opened as a heritage hotel to serve as a base for people visiting the region. Alsisar Mahal has been painstakingly restored keeping every fine nuance as close to the original architecture of the old building.

Reconstruction gave us freedom to fuse modern technology with age old architecture.The rebuilt roof is seismic-proof, yet true to original architecture. Hundreds of old column sand brackets were procured to remain true to age old architecture of the period.

Alsisar Mahal even today have not lost its timeless beauty and just like those glorious days still is a treat to the eyes.

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