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Magnetic Fields Festival

Introduced by Abhimanyu Alsisar in the year 2013, every year in middle of December Alsisar Mahal hosts a magical musical carnival called Magnetic Fields Festival! The magnificent Alsisar Mahal is transformed into the throbbing, pulsing venue for the Magnetic Fields Festival – celebrating the best of the international underground music scene. The annual festival at Alsisar Mahal, which is a big hit now, is nothing less than a visual dream, a unique marriage of contemporary culture with Rajasthani heritage and hospitality. It brings in international artists who present the music far removed from the colorful folk tunes of Rajasthan. But for that very reason, because of the contrast, the ambiance of Alsisar Mahal turns absolutely special. Magnetic Fields Festival offers an opportunity to live amongst the scions of former kings at the same time dance under the stars, star gazing, a peek into their galaxies, wellness and yoga, exciting treasure hunt in the Palace apart from the wonderful music!

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